Synopses of the three workshops

Workshop 1


Have you ever felt overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, discouraged, or even depressed? Have you thought about giving up? If your answer is yes, you are normal!

Serving in the ministry is never the same as running a business. Some seasons are crazy. Bizarre problems pop up with maddening regularity. Standard operating procedures do not always apply. There is no manual on how to handle every possible scenario that turns up unexpectedly. How do we count the cost, commit, and stay the course?

How do we stay fresh in the busy ministry?

The Collins Dictionary defines "fresh" as pleasant, bright, and clean in appearance. Some of its synonyms are shine, glow, bloom, invigorating, clear, clean, bright, creative, innovative, original, lively, and keen. 

At this workshop, you will hear stories of real people who are journeying with God and finding opportunities to stay fresh in the ministry.

Workshop Speaker:

REVEREND TONY YEO, Senior Pastor Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Reverend Tony Yeo is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church. His passion for leadership development through disciplemaking and mentoring is witnessed in the 28 years of his faithful leadership within the church.

Pastor Tony has been serving as the youngest General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore (EFOS) since 2006. He has also been serving as the Executive Secretary of the Global Day of Prayer in Singapore since 2008, which culminated at the Jubilee Day of Prayer in 2015.

Pastor Tony graduated from Singapore Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology with Honours and holds a post-graduate Diploma in Spiritual Formation from Tyndale Seminary, Toronto. He authored Leading Beyond the Second Chair – A Certain Kind of Leadership in 2012, and is married to Choy Mei. They have two sons, Timothy and Noah.

Workshop 2


You have heard these decisive words from faithful servants of God:

Captain Joshua: As for me and my family, we’ll worship God. (Josh 24:15)
King David: I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with him in his house my whole life long. (Psa 27:4)
Mother Mary: Yes, I see it all now: I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve. Let it be to me just as you say. (Lk 1:38)
Apostle Paul: But I’ve got my eye on the goal … to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back. (Phil 3:13-14)

These are the words of intentional people determined to live an intentional life by God’s strength and wisdom. They are not passive but proactive; not perfect but a work in progress!

The Collins Dictionary explains "intentional" as something that is deliberate. Some of its synonyms are calculated, conscious, planned, purposeful. 

This workshop will show us the struggles and successes of ordinary servants of God who seek to live the intentional life. One in the 30s, another in the 40s, and another one in the 60s.

Workshop Speaker:

REVEREND TAN KAY KIONG, Senior Pastor Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Reverend Tan Kay Kiong is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church. He is a Shepherd-Leader at heart who loves to see people discover their full potential in God.

Pastor Kay Kiong was installed as a pastor at Covenant EFC upon graduation from Singapore Bible College in 1993. Shortly after, Pastor Kay Kiong went on to oversee the Family Life Ministry, where he developed his life’s calling. He currently serves as the pastoral advisor for the Men’s Ministry Network in Singapore and served as the first Chaplain for Focus on the Family Singapore from 2015-2017.

Pastor Kay Kiong and his wife, Diana, enjoy leading mentoring groups within and outside Covenant EFC. They have two beautiful young adult daughters, Hilda and Hazel.

Workshop 3


The primal wounds of the heart, the cynicism of the mind, the paralysis of the will, and the overcrowding of the soul — these four obstacles to our discipleship are all too common among us. Whether young and fervent, or mature and established in faith, they beset us. 

We may identify them in other people, but fail to spot them in our own lives. Often, we remain blind even when our words and actions reflect them. Their hiddenness secures and prolongs their power over us.

How do they come about? How are they manifested? How can they be overcome?

While these questions are dealt with at the plenary sessions, this workshop features personal testimonies. You will hear from individuals who had to confront them in their lives. In some instances, the process arose out of challenging personal and family circumstances. In others, through work-related crises. They will share how they faced each of their own obstacles, how trying the process was, and what helped them.

This workshop will give you valuable insights enabling you to better help others and confront these obstacles in your own life.

Workshop Speaker:

PASTOR LIM KENG YEOW, Lay Pastor Covenant Evangelical Free Church

Pastor Keng Yeow has been a Covenanter for some 30 years. Having served in a range of capacities, including being a deacon in the church board and heading the Prayer Ministry, he  currently heads the church’s Worship Ministry and is one of the church’s three lay pastors. 

Professionally, he started his career at the Attorney-General’s Chambers as a Deputy Public Prosecutor before going on to serve in the education arena as a law lecturer and staff developer. For the last 10 years, he has served as a District Judge, starting at the Family Courts, then at the State Courts where he still is today, hearing both criminal and civil cases.

He is married to Karen, an educator and worship leader in CEFC, and they have two children of adult age, Carissa and Bryan.