2013 — Starting Over – Discipleship as a Redemptive Journey

The call of Jesus is “Go make disciples of the nations” (Matthew 28:19). The great challenge is “What kind of disciples?”

In the Church today, we fall into the trap of approaching our discipleship journey as a series of tasks we are to excel in. Discipleship is not merely about regimentation — ‘Are you doing your quiet time? Are you memorising verses? Are you going on mission trips? Are you giving to the church? Are you doing all these things as disciples?’ We can be doing all these things and yet miss what discipleship is all about. Such an approach to discipleship as regimentation has its severe limitations. While it produces seemingly ‘strong’ disciples, this strength is rooted in the self.

IDMC Conference 2013 re-examines the true essentials of discipleship of Jesus — discipleship as a redemptive journey — moving us from our self-efforts to the finished work that is in Christ. It is in rethinking the way of discipleship that we can be freed from our self-striving to a discipleship born of gratitude. It is in understanding and grasping what He has done for us that we will be able to do what He desires of us.

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