2023 — True Spirituality

For over three years, our annual IDMC Conferences have sought to capture a fundamental trilogy of returning to the basics.

The first of the trilogy was IDMC Conference 2021, the important theme was the five core values of true discipleship. The second part of the trilogy is IDMC Conference 2022, The First Principles of True Christianity.

The theme of IDMC Conference 2023 is True Spirituality, renewing our walk with God. It concludes this trilogy with the five essentials of true spirituality.

  1. Our centre of gravity
  2. Don’t take God for granted
  3. When your world caves in
  4. The steadfast confidence
  5. The five keys to revival

Come, let us renew our walk with God. IDMC Conference 2023 will show you how, with powerful principles such as setting your minds on things above, the power of true repentance and brokenness, the five truths of God’s faithfulness, the story of two altars, being battle-ready, living confidently in an age of uncertainty and believing God for something new.

Conference materials (plenary only)

To order Conference videos, please go to https://allon.com.sg

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