2022 — Nothing More. Nothing Less. Nothing Else.

The theme is “Nothing More. Nothing Less. Nothing Else – The First Principles of True Christianity”.

I chose this pertinent theme out of concern for the state of the global church amidst the continuing uncertainties and challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Studies in the UK and US have shown increasing and troubling signs that Christians are losing ground in the fundamentals of the Christian faith. There is a theological rootlessness and a biblical illiteracy. In a recent survey, some don’t even believe in the resurrection of Jesus! Many are lured by unbiblical worldviews and worldly values.

There is indeed an urgency for the Church to return back to the First Principles of Christianity! When we look back to our heritage as Protestants, we return to the five battle cries of the Reformation –

1. Sola ScripturaBy Scripture Alone!
2. Solus ChristusThrough Christ Alone!
3. Sola GratiaBy Grace Alone!
4. Sola FideBy Faith Alone!
5. Soli Deo GloriaTo The Glory Of God Alone!

In Sola Scriptura, I invite you to rediscover afresh the call back to biblical literacy, biblical fluency and biblical ascendency!

As we reflect on Solus Christus, let us anchor in a rich Christology that is rooted in the redemption, the resurrection and the return of Jesus!

In Sola Gratia, be convinced of the fantastic three-fold grace of being chosen by God, redeemed in Christ, and sealed with the Spirit!

We will then move on to Sola Fide, where we grasp the theological premise of salvation by faith, the double justification and the finished work of Christ!

It is my prayer that at the end of this conference, you will declare with me Soli Deo Gloria, as we rejoice in the glory of divine peace, divine power, divine provision, divine promise and divine purpose!

To Jesus be all the glory!
Nothing More! Nothing Less! Nothing Else!

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