2020 — Whole-Life Discipleship

One of the greatest obstacles in discipleship and in discipling young people today is seeing and overcoming spiritual compartmentalisation.

We have compartmentalised our life into different fragments — our public life, our private world, religious activities, non-religious activities. Jesus Christ has become incidental, maybe even supplemental in our lives. We have simply added Him into our overcrowded schedule. He is not fundamental in our lives. We are not able to see His Lordship in every area of our lives.

Spiritual compartmentalisation is a spiritual poison. It divides what is accessible to God in our lives and what’s not accessible to Him. Many are Christians, but few are disciples. What then is the spiritual antidote for this?

Whole Life Discipleship is the answer. When Jesus calls us to follow Him, He calls us to follow Him for the rest of our lives, through life and the whole of life. It means walking with Him everyday, all the way, and with all our hearts.

Conference materials (Plenary only)

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